How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contact on iPhone & Android

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging applications, is probably the ideal replacement for regular SMS. This chat and VoIP client for mobile devices is used by more than a billion users every day. For most of us, WhatsApp is an integral part of our lives, and it is very difficult to avoid it. The fact is that while WhatsApp is free, it allows you to easily exchange text messages, photos, documents, voice notes and even payments (only in India via UPI).

However, compared to SMS, WhatsApp lacks a small but important feature – the ability to send a message to someone who is not in your contact list. Therefore, if a certain person is no longer one of your contacts, you cannot send him or her a message without first adding him or her as a contact.

While adding a contact is not a major issue, it is a concern for WhatsApp users, who often only need to send a text, photo or PDF file to someone they will never communicate with again. Adding these numbers to disposable contacts makes no sense and also overloads the phonebook. To resolve this issue, we have developed several workarounds that allow users to send WhatsApp messages to someone without registering their phone number in the address book.

Sending a WhatsApp message to an unregistered number –

Method 1 (without application installation)

This method uses WhatsApp Direct, an elegant web application with a simple and uncomplicated interface. It runs on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. You don’t need to install an application because it’s just a web application added as a shortcut to your device’s home screen for quick access. The application simply uses WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature, which allows you to start a conversation with someone whose number is not in your phone’s address book.

The WhatsApp Direct web application does not contain any unwanted settings. It is also completely free of advertising, which makes it more user-friendly. Don’t worry about privacy, because WhatsApp Direct uses the official WhatsApp API for this task. Therefore, your data, such as telephone numbers or messages, will not be stored or shared with third parties.

Using WhatsApp Direct is very simple and straightforward. Before that,

  1. Visit on your mobile device
  2. Select the indicator for the destination country.
  3. Then enter the phone number (without the country code) and add the message (optional).
  4. Click on the Send button.

The application redirects to WhatsApp (allow if necessary) and opens a new chat on that number. You will also be notified if the number you entered is not included in WhatsApp.

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Direct installation of WhatsApp –

For faster access, we recommend that you add the WhatsApp Direct web application to your phone’s home screen. Below are some screenshots to help you do this on your iPhone (iOS) and Android.

On the iPhone (with Safari)

On Android (with Google Chrome)

P.S. This is the best and most recommended method.

Method 2 (for Android) –

If you are an Android user, you can also install one of the following applications available in Google Play.

Send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact – The best thing about this application is that it is completely free of advertisements and has a very simple user interface.

Quick Message – This application supports announcements that can be annoying for some users. However, it has an eye-catching design and displays a dialog to send WhatsApp when you copy a number from the call log.

Pay attention: The recipient’s phone number must be registered with WhatsApp or the message will not be delivered.

The cross-platform web and Android applications mentioned above do wonders for WhatsApp users worldwide. They are also useful when WhatsApp does not display the contact even after it has been added to the address book.

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