Face Masks for Extreme Cold

Wearing a good blizzard under your helmet is always advisable to protect yourself better against this cool weather.

But the question is, what’s the best hood for a snowmobile?

If you are driving a snowmobile, you are likely to be wearing a helmet and goggles, so you should also think about it before making a purchase.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, you’ll find all the information in brief in this next section.

My personal recommendation

If all I have to recommend is the perfect hood for a snowmobile, I’ll take the Climb Arctic Balaclava.

I’m 100% sure you’ll love this hood and even recommend it to your friends.

What for?

The Arctic Hood is the warmest hood you can own. It is ideal for both men and women.

Klim is one of the most reliable brands among snowmobiles, and every rider is proud to wear their Klim equipment. Am I right?

The Arctic Balaclava Klim is specially designed for snowmobiles. If you drive a snowmobile, a very cold wind comes on your face and this windscreen protects you from it. You can find his price here.

Some snowmobiles complain that their hoods don’t stay full, so they have to stop every few minutes and wear a face mask. To solve this problem, Klim has introduced an ultra wide skirt that offers maximum protection against the wind and stays full whether you move your head up or down, left or right. It also functions as a neck warmer.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you or your friends have exactly the same head shape?

Probably not. That’s why Klim has manufactured its hood in a super-elastic and windproof material that fits perfectly with different head shapes and sizes. That’s what you don’t get with other cheap hoods.

Most people have a small hole when they wear a helmet on a snowmobile, and it fills that hole so you don’t have to worry about the wind that makes you uncomfortable.

I can assure you one thing: The quality of this Arctic balaclava from Klimsk is much better than that of other balaclaves.

When it comes to price, it’s between the good and the expensive, even slightly above the average price. But it costs every penny.

It will make your journey so pleasant that you will never look at other masks again.

I can’t tell you how happy the users are after wearing them.

You don’t believe me?

Take a look at the comments from Klim Arctic Balaclava’s customers and you’ll be surprised how well it works with other snowmobiles.

Comparison of Balaklavas snowmobiles

  CLIM Arctic Hood 509 Pro-balaclava light FXR Shredder Tech Balaclava
Hardware Lightweight polyester Lightweight polyester Ultra-light hair in the polyester
Design Specially developed for the coldest conditions and toughest elements. Breathable sublimation graphics FXR anti-cold stop
In Bold pencil skirt Renewal Patented FXR 4-way pull-stop-wind stop system
Weight 2.12 ounces 2.4 ounces 2.99 ounces
Wearing glasses Yes Yes Yes
Color 1 colour choice 3 colour selections 8 Colour selection
Our result 97/100 96/100 96/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

5 Best Balaklavas Snowmobile in 2020

CLIM Arctic Hood

The KLIM Hood at the lowest temperature is an Arctic ballast specially designed to withstand extreme frost and give the warmest feeling during a ride on a snowmobile.

The Arctic is manufactured with the complete construction of the Gore Windstopper Heavy Fleece, which guarantees 100% wind protection. The hood is fully lined with microfibres to retain heat and repel cold air. It also has a fleece lining of variable thickness around the eyes to improve fit and reduce restrictions.

The arctic structure has been fully utilized to provide superior comfort with a 3D design and elasticity strategically placed on the sides and a full neoprene/frontal breath reflector nose to keep the flow of warm air down and prevent condensation along the eye area when wearing glasses.

The Arctic Hood has a strong, ultra wide skirt that provides an excellent seal and keeps the hood in place when snowmobiling.

Other features include a stretch lycra backrest that fits around the neck and a super-elastic fleece on the head for maximum comfort and a good fit.

The nosepiece is a great help for more comfortable breathing. However, it does not have much structure, so it can be compressed when used under the helmet.

The advantages of

  • Gore Windstopper heavy fleece version
  • Variable thickness of the fleece around the eyes.
  • Microfleece lining
  • Complete neoprene nose and respiratory deflector
  • A huge, ultra-wide skirt.


  • The nose has no special structure.

509 Pro-balaclava light

The lightweight Pro is perfect for your 509 helmet and 509 goggles. This snowmobile mask keeps you warm and comfortable when you’re in the snow.

True to its name, this hood is made of a breathable and stretchy polyester fabric that provides warmth while being light and comfortable to wear.

It has a longer deck for maximum protection and to keep it in place when using a snowmobile. The technical materials guarantee complete protection against the wind in advance. It also features breathable materials in important places, such as along the nose.

This snowmobile mask is available in three versions with sublimation graphics of your choice. The design is not as structured, especially in combination with the nose and eye area, which can lead to comfort problems. It is also not suitable for extremely cold weather, because cold air can penetrate much easier and faster.

The advantages of

  • Breathable and stretchable polyester material
  • Long circumcised skirt
  • Impenetrable Verona
  • Light


  • The design is not structured
  • Not suitable for extremely cold temperatures

FXR Shredder Tech Balaclava

FXR Shredder Tech is made of lightweight polyester spandex on the inside. This material retains heat while snowmobiling without compromising on comfort.

It features a patented 4-way FXR tensioning system to protect against the wind when using snowmobiles. The design and length of the apron helps reduce the risk of freezing due to exposure to the helmet space in the critical collar and helps to secure the hood. However, this feature is especially useful when used with the FXR headset as it is specially designed to fill the holes in the FXR headset.

The fully coated neoprene nasal mask diverts breathing away from the area around the eyes to prevent fogging when wearing snowmobiles or goggles. It also features laser-cut breathing holes under the neoprene mask to make breathing easier and snowmobiles more comfortable.

Shredder Tech is available in eight bright colours, with a stylish and attractive design.

The advantages of

  • Indoor factory made of ultra light weight, polished polyester spandex
  • 4-way wind stop system with extensibility indicator
  • Fully covered neoprene nasal mask
  • Laser-cut breathing holes under the neoprene nasal mask
  • Many colours and an attractive design


  • Specially designed for FXR helmets
  • The skirt’s a little short.

KLIM Balaklava glacier

The Climbing Glacier is one of the best snow covers if you prefer aggressive and fast snowmobile rides. It has been specially developed for active motorcyclists looking for protection and warmth in extremely cold weather.

It is made of lighter materials and a windproof fabric for high breathability and good moisture wicking, and it can dry very quickly. This also guarantees protection from the wind throughout the day. The moisture-resistant and breathable Coolmax fabric on the side of your head prevents you from sweating on high-intensity snowmobiles.

The KLIM Glacier is equipped with a neoprene respirator that drains moisture downwards and away from the eye area to prevent fogging.

It has a wide skirt over the collar to protect you from rain or snow on a snowmobile ride. You can also customize it with a drawstring that suits you. It also makes it possible to keep the hood safely in the equipment. The stretchable lycra panel is ideal for any head shape and size. It also has elastic side panels that follow the contours of the neck for extra comfort.

In extremely cold weather, however, they can provide insufficient heat and accelerate the cold airflow.

The advantages of

  • Lighter materials and windproof fabric
  • Breathable and waterproof Coolmax fabric
  • Neoprene respirator
  • Skirt without wide collar with springy laces
  • Lycra clamping plate and flexible side plates


  • Not suitable for extremely cold temperatures

lock X deflector Balaklava

The deflector of Castle X is designed for maximum comfort and functionality. It features a Dynamic 4-way flex 360 degree windproof membrane in Ven-Tex and a soft microflyseline lining to protect against wind and all forms of moisture when riding a snowmobile.

The front of the hood is made of 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane, while the back of the hood is made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane. These materials offer maximum comfort and air permeability. It also makes it possible to machine wash the laundry for easy cleaning.

It is also equipped with Dupont Coolmax on the front and top of the head for better hydration, so it can dry quickly.

The Spandex panel is located at the back of the head for a more comfortable and secure fit.

The deflector also features an integrated neoprene respirator to prevent air condensation, preventing fogging of your snowmobile or goggles.

It is only available in one size, one color and one design. The nose deflector does not have such stiffness and structure that it can be easily compressed.

The advantages of

  • Dynamic quadruple windscreen with 360 degrees of flexibility
  • Wind resistant Ven-Tex membrane and soft microfibre leather lining
  • Made of polyester, polyurethane and elastane.
  • DuPont Kulmax
  • Integrated neoprene respiratory deflector


  • No colour or design deviations
  • The nose reflector is unstructured.

to be considered before purchasing a hood

Choosing the right
hood is a very important task for enthusiastic
snowmobiles and skiers. Here are some factors that can help
to make the right choice.


Traditionally hoods were made of wool, but nowadays they are available in materials such as silk, cotton, fleece, neoprene and many other polymer fibers.

A good balaclava should be made of materials that can keep the person warm at extremely low temperatures while still allowing them to breathe.

should also not be too hot to cause a person in lot
to sweat. The chosen material should protect against cold, ultraviolet rays, dust and wind
, with high breathability and moisture resistance


There are many types of
hoods on the market.
Depending on the type of construction, the versatility and warmth offered by
clothing varies.

full face mask with eyeholes gives the
better warmth and protection, while the half mask, which covers the mouth and neck, gives the
less heat but better peripheral vision, which is important when the
is driving or skiing.

There are several universal models that can be used as a hat or just as a neck warmer or as a full or half mask. This is one of the best options because they can be stacked and used as needed. When wearing a helmet, it is important to obtain a design that is compatible with the helmet.

The design of your snowmobile with hurricane hood must meet your requirements. For example, if you prefer a windbreak for the lower half of your face, look for this feature or design.

corresponds to

The most important factor to take into account when purchasing a hood is its suitability. A bad landing makes the protection against the cold useless, while a very tight landing is uncomfortable.

To adjust it properly, you have to do it first. Almost all hoods are unisex and can be worn by both men and women, unless otherwise stated. So if your face mask on snowmobiles is unisex and good, you don’t have to constantly look for a female hoodie on snowmobiles.

Some models are available in a free size or in stretchable materials to ensure a better fit. Models that are equipped with Velcro for adjusting the size are also very suitable for people who need every size.


When skiing or snowmobiling for long periods of time, it is important to feel comfortable on the bonnet, as this can reduce the enjoyment of the sport. The material also needs to remove and evaporate sweat to make the wearer feel comfortable. A bad cut can be influenced by the wind and distract the user.

Since there must be a hood mask under the snowmobile helmet, it should be comfortable.

At the same time, your blizzard hood must be able to protect you from extremely cold winds. So if comfort is your priority, choose the warmest snow cover.

and quality

There are several well-known brands for hoods. You can easily find them by searching the internet and on snowmobiles or ski forums. These brands offer high quality and product control. Thanks to a careful selection of needs, it is easy to find a brand, as many brands specialize in one type of product.

Some prefer fog masks that take off, while others prefer a helmet with a hood and a long skirt to fit in a snowmobile jacket.


The price of a
product is influenced by almost all factors considered when choosing a product as
. The price can vary from low to high, depending on the brand and the different requirements in terms of materials, design and functions.

An inexpensive hood may offer enough protection and comfort for gentle use, but will not last long. However, a cheap bonnet is not necessarily a good purchase for snowmobiles.

A high quality product would be more durable and offer a better choice of materials, such as fleece, to better retain heat and prevent moisture and fog.

If you pay a good price, you can get a fog mask for driving a snowmobile.

Last words

It is very important to choose the right hood for a passionate snowmobile or skier. Given the many bonnet designs and patterns, it is important to choose the best model that is not only comfortable, but also offers sufficient protection against cold wind and low temperatures.

budget can also vary from low to high, and the
features it offers depend on cost. Therefore, choose a good balaclava in accordance with the requirements and factors to be considered above.

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