Escort Passport S55 Review 2021

Most drivers receive a speeding ticket at least once. Sometimes because you pay too little attention to the speed limit sign on the road, sometimes because you walk after hours.

To help you remember the usual location of hidden radar and laser guns less, a radar detector can be installed in a vehicle to warn you to slow down when a radar or laser gun comes to check the speed of your vehicle.

To start with, the S55 Escort Passport is an excellent option to explore. Due to the lack of features it is cheaper than many other newer versions of radar detectors on the market.

However, it remains the most powerful device that reliably samples and records a signal from a radar gun at a distance of one kilometre.

Below we have compiled a complete overview of the pros and cons of the S55 Escort Pass. If you have never bought a radar detector before, this device is a good place to start.

Management functions

It is important to note that the Escort Passport S55 is a cheaper version of the Escort Passport X80, from which most of the additional features have been removed.

Therefore, the price of the S55 is attractive for those who only need the basic functions of a typical radar detector.

Compared to the Escort Passport X80, only the basic functions have been retained in the Escort Passport S55:

– Adjustable radar sensitivity
– LED power display
– Total dimming function
– Adjustable audible alarm
– Adjustable display brightness level

However, with the price of a radar detector on $$$$, users can get a lot of luggage for their dollar.

If you have never bought a detector before and are now looking for a small amount, read below to see what the S55 Escort Passport can offer you.

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Pros Escort pass S55

Reliable protection against radar
The most striking feature of this detector is the detection of radar over long distances thanks to powerful digital signal processing.

The Escort Passport S55 can scan and detect all radar signals in a wide range. Signals include ultra-wide Ka-band, K-band, X-band, etc.

To minimize false alarms from other sources of interference, the Escort S55 also has a built-in AutoSensitivity mode to automatically adjust signal sensitivity.

It also means that the device only selects potential threats selectively and accurately. This is the top priority that buyers of sensors always look for first.

Rugged interface design

Visually, the Escort Passport S55 gives the impression of a reliable and durable device.

Main display interface with illuminated red LED to indicate the detected radar signal. It is therefore very convenient for the user to see the digital number and signal, especially in bright sunlight or at night.

Sound quality

To keep you on the road, the Escort Passport S55 is equipped with a built-in sound system that emits sound signals when there is a potential danger nearby.

The sound quality of the S55 is very clear and bright. In addition, the surface-mounted volume buttons give you full control over the volume. You can also mute the sound if you only want to use a visual warning.

There is also an automatic mute function that automatically mutes the sound as you move further away from the source of the threat. This is very practical if you want both a visual and an acoustic alarm system.

Delay in issuing passports for accompanying persons S55

The most problematic disadvantage of the S55 is the Diagnostic System for the Blind (BSM) in newer versions of the modern car.

The WSB can detect a vehicle in the immediate vicinity of your vehicle and warn you not to change lanes.

The problem is that the BSM system uses a K-band frequency, which is the same as that of the political radar.

This means that the Escort Passport S55 cannot distinguish these signals in the K-band, so you either get a series of false alarms or miss the police radar signal.

Last sentence

If you have an old car without a BSM system, the Escort Passport S55 is an excellent and reliable long-distance detector, despite the high level of interference.

What’s more, for the price below $$$ you can invest in this fantastic device without having to worry about the value/functionality ratio.

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