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List of felling classes

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Knight Hood has the best list of heroes. During the game you have to know the rules, understand the forces, the enemy. It is therefore also important to know the knight’s cap of the game and the list of hero levels.

There are over 50 heroes in the Knight hood game, and you need to know the best strong heroes before spending XP on low level heroes.

To get a nice and good quality game, you need to have the best strong heroes with improved abilities and a combination of different heroes with different abilities to win the game.

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Why play Knight’s Cap?

In this new role-playing game you are a knight of anger, born to fight and win. Fight against your friends and enemies in a fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and powerful enemies as you strive to become the most feared and famous knight of the Order of the Wrath.

The Knights of the Wrath, heroes of the people, once defended the world. It is now controlled and corrupted by the dark power of Lord Carnon. As a new Knight of Wrath, explore the rich world of fantasy role-playing games, fight epic monsters, fight enemies and corrupt Knights of Wrath to create your own legend in the Order of the Wrath.

List of Knights in shroud

Start the game, make your knight and embark on a new action-packed adventure in a Midoki RPG and enter an epic fantasy world!

– Follow the legendary Sir Edward Drakeson in your first RPG challenges and fight him to prove your worth to the Order of the Wrath.
– Earn your glove, a powerful relic and symbol of the Order of the Wrath, and begin your epic RPG adventure in Astellan, at the edge of a colorful fantasy world.
– Play the game of fame and fortune and collect legendary items to customize and empower your anger knight.
– In this brand new role-playing game, recruit and upgrade former heroes to improve your combat skills.
– Use your anger to unleash the unique abilities of your heroes in battle.

In this new game you can level up and fight against goblins, beasts and undead as you immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and mystery. Choose the best RPG tactics to win battles and become a legend in this action-controlled fighting game.

– Earn rare treasures in hunts and quests to upgrade your equipment and raise your game level.
– Gather former heroes to fight with you and use their epic abilities when needed.
– Choose a strategy for the role play. Choose weapons and heroes according to your objectives and win the battle!
– Master your combat skills in a role-playing game: Create a perfect chain of attack by passing through the forces of weapon, glove and hero.
– Defeat the knights and become the hero of the PvP arena.

Your knight, your style! Create the perfect combination of style and power to stand out in this new role-playing game!

– Fully customize your Knight of Wrath. Show your epic style to friends and enemies.
– Collect the best equipment from hundreds of items and climb the PvP arena and its leaders.
– Create a look that matches your personality and fight in style.

Become a member of the guild : Improve your RPG skills by defeating titanic guild leaders alongside your fellow knights.

– Build your own guild: Gather your friends and build an unstoppable community – a guild they’ll all envy.
– Chat with guild members in real time to strengthen your bonds and refine your role-playing strategy.
– Fight episodic battles. Together you can build a legacy and live for the glory of the Order of the Wrath.

Knight adapts the RPG experience to your mobile device and lifestyle. In this game you can explore cities and dungeons as you battle with one hand, controlled by epic gestures, in a fantasy world full of monsters.

The chivalry game is completely free, but you will have to pay for some extra game elements. You must be connected to the Internet to access the game.

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Knight hero list New

Ranking list for the Knighthood

Let’s talk about the list of the strongest S and S+ heroes. These heroes are the strongest in the game, but they are hard to get.

Titanina – Hero Mage – Rare healer

Titania the Wizard – Hiller – Hooded Knight Heroes List

She is a very rare hero in this game with a level S knight’s hood. He has the ability to produce energy and armor.

Rarity A rare place  
Power Restores the health of the armor  
Box Option  


Balendu Hero Mag

Hanging knight’s cap

Balendu is also a very rare legitimate hero. This hero is very unique compared to the other heroes in the game. He follows the law of the universe. His class is a magician.

Rarity Single page  
Class Madge  
Power Restoration of health and armour  

The Hood of Knight Balendu. Hero list.

Lars Knight Hood Heroes

List of levels for Lars Knight Hood Hero

Lars is the hero and the ultimate fighter with amazing abilities. He’s selling for damages. This is very useful in certain situations, if you know how to combine the power of the lenses with other warriors, then you can definitely win.

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