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If you’ve always wanted to tie a jet pack on your back and ride across an alien planet to become the greatest hero who ever lived, board the Willie train and get ready for an unprecedented adventure.  Willy Jetman shows aliens with eyes on ropes, overcrowded garbage trucks, a flying fish, a magic spell, a crazy monkey and the most boring hero of all: Astromonkey’s revenge.

By boredom, I mean more restraint.  Willie’s not the smartest guy, but he’s a lazy street sweeper who knows how to use a lot of guns.  Gladys, a recycling spaceship, took him to a distant planet called Gravos to recover the debris from a terrible accident. Willie talks about Gladys like she’s a garbage truck, and that’s the attitude she takes. Willie is equipped with a machine gun and his courage is nourished by his crazy mind.  But he ends up acquiring a zealous spirit, and you have to help him save the natives by killing other natives.  You have to earn enough money to buy weapons, which you can find in caves, mines, forts and waterways.  There are many hidden places to discover and places to explore.

I know that this game falls into the category of adventure games, but it has many aspects of Metroidvania.  These are cards on which you can level Willy, earn new weapons and items and go anywhere you can’t run out of items.  It’s not what I would call an extremely difficult game like Hollow Knight, but it kicks your ass pretty often and boss fights can be unbearably hard.  One of them in particular keeps sucking you to the boss, while the smaller creatures just bombard you to the point where you have to hunt to upgrade your weapons.  So if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find it here.

There is a lot to be said for the learning curve in games.  It has a very short learning curve when it comes to control, but what can make it difficult for you is to control the Willy jetpack so you can float where you want to shoot down the creatures you’re attacking.  They activated it correctly, and at first I thought I’d put the buttons back.  After about an hour of playing I found that using the standard keyboard layout and working with it worked very well.  In the beginning I was a bit frustrated because I pressed the wrong button to shoot.  I also accidentally pressed the wrong button and activated mine to blow myself up.

If you die, you will be sent back to the last rescue point and lose all progress made so far.  It is really in your own interest to go to the rescue point as soon as possible after you have done something difficult, because it has happened more than once that I died after a boss fight because I did not take the time to bring my health back to the rescue point.  In fact, the backup system is exactly the same as in Castlevania: Symphony of the night.  This game reminds me of the fun I had the first time I played this great classic.  Don’t forget it’s a completely different experience, but there are a lot of things that have made SotN one of my favorite games.

The graphics are supposed to be a style of pixel art, and they are very colorful; I would even say very beautiful.  We’re not talking bloodstain-like images here: The ritual of the night.  But comparing apples with oranges is just as good.  The character design is brilliant, and there is a wide range of enemies that you can fight to earn the title of Galactic Hero.  I’ve never noticed a delay on any level, and everything’s going very well.  When you enter a new part of the world, the delay is less than a second and you are immediately taken to the next area.

Well, anyone who has prepared my previous reviews where the game has good music knows that I absolutely love soundtracks of video games. Often, if the music is really good, but the gameplay is a little bad, I congratulate the game for the soundtrack.  This game has some of the most memorable music I’ve heard in a long time.  This isn’t an orchestral symphony that makes you cry.  I’m talking about fun, sparkling tunes that make you want to hum, and they start to stay with you even when you’re not playing.  Very, very good. The game is good, but the music makes it almost perfect.

Speaking of games: The controls are very strict.  The gravity mechanic works very well compared to the jetpack.  The service is very good. If you jump just before shooting the jetpack, you’ll shoot a lot faster.  This can help you get out of the many pitfalls and strengthen your battle strategy. You can literally feel the urge to float, just away from the spiky objects and the terribly hot lava.  There are evil barriers that architects have invented to make you angry. They’re gonna fight the boss and say it’s not that hard.  The next one could end up in an asylum. A few times I cursed so hard that my poor puppy ran into the next room.

I have a small complaint that could be corrected with the update. Once you’ve rested your mines, you’ll have a counter that tells you how much you have left.  By killing the enemies around you, you’ll be rewarded for killing as many people as possible using the combo system.  This combined counter is located immediately after the remaining ammunition list.  Since it is probably as easy to fix as the mistakes the quarterback made in the Super Bowl, I doubt it will take much time.

If you’re looking for a slightly less frustrating experience than Hollow Knight and you like the Metroidvania style of play, this game should keep you entertained for hours. Willy has a light-hearted story, liveliness, funny music and a good smile or two. Sometimes a game can bore me very quickly, but it makes me beg for more, and I can’t wait to play it while I’m working or doing adult things I don’t want to do.

Willie Jetman: Astromonkey Revenge Review

  • Graphs – 9/10
  • Sound – 10/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Last call – 9/10


Final thoughts: EXAMPLES

The almost perfect combination of action-adventure and Metroidvania style makes this game a must for lovers of side-scrolling games, platform jumping games and level games such as Castlevania : Symphony of the Night and Metroid.  There’s a lot of fun, even if you don’t like this kind of games, because Jetpack really adds a level of fun that you can’t get with a triple jump.

Jay’s been an avid gamer since the days of intelligence.  His hobbies include building personal computers, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his children and dog.


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