Dust to the End – How to Beat Great Bug Boss

One of the bosses that the players will fight to the end in Dust is the big bug. Many players face this bug, and if you are one of them, you are lucky, because we are going to give you a tip on how to defeat this big bug boss.

Where can I find the Big Bug?

Go to the city mentioned in the mission description. From there you open the map and put one pin 2,000 km to the west and the other 1,500 km further on. Then place two more pins 200 km above and below, in the middle, between the first two pins. The animal bench is located at the top right of this perimeter, it’s easy to find.

You will need approximately 3,000 to 5,000 litres of fuel and 500 to 800 litres of water and food for the journey. When you are out of service, you will receive 2,000 extra fuel tanks. I recommend building an underground base to the west of the neighbouring population centres and expanding the control centre there as far as possible to make the return journey cheaper.

How to beat the big bug?

I beat him with a group of mercenaries I hired in the first village. They are not perfect warriors, I think, only count the stats, not the bonuses, and you can reset the stats of each character if you buy a genome replicator on the black market of cities in the last game.

Here’s how.

The whole group was upgraded to a maximum of 10 LVL and everyone was reduced to 15-20 Constitution and 20 Perception, and everyone was equipped with the best/superior SUB weapons (except the main character: he had a Titan Crossbow IV because this is the most powerful striking weapon).

You can take the higher level guns at random by defeating level 9 thieves and bandits.

The reason is that machine guns have the highest speed (meaning that your characters attack first) and still do a lot of damage (especially the second possibility (~450 dmg) – if characters have a great chance of synergy, they should have action points almost every turn, but a regular attack is also good (~350 dmg).

The tactic is to first focus on the range bug, then on the main bug (it dies in 3-4 turns, depending on how many times your ~90% chance of hitting assholes is gone), heal signs that are immediately damaged (corrosion is DANGEROUS), and then it will be done. Is this the first time since he decided to try the beast, since the last time he blew up my group when I didn’t have all the submarines?

Your success will depend on how often the main beetle decides to attack your characters instead of crushing his, which I think he prefers, so NEVER focus on melee beetles.


As a reward, you will receive a disposable consumable that adds an impressive FOUR TEN health point to a character of your choice (it is used in the same way as the other health consumables).

Let me remind you that the same boss you’re going to fight to get this consumable does 700 damage per attack to some of your characters and some Bug Corrosion Damage of 500, so you can imagine how useful that 40 HP will be in the next game.

If you choose to help the Sword of Justice organization out of the desert (one of the options in the story), you can also get the same quest to defeat the bug in one of the largest cities northeast of the original SoJ base.

So basically, you can get TWO of these regular fans for your characters!

And that’s it for that guide dust in the Boss End. Thanks to Butchir for presenting this great guide.

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