Why does YouTube keep pausing & How to fix it?

YouTube has become an integral part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world, and billions of people visit YouTube every month. Most people use YouTube to watch funny videos or music videos, some use it to learn new things, but generally everyone enjoys their favorite videos on YouTube.

But no one likes to be constantly interrupted by random problems that cause sudden interruptions when playing videos on YouTube. Many users have had problems lately because YouTube pauses during video playback. This problem has been found with various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and smart TVs.

Why is YouTube on break?

The main reason that YouTube suddenly stops when you play a game is usually the low speed of the internet, which can be overcome by watching lower quality videos, but this is not always the case. There are also several reasons why video playback is interrupted on different devices, for example

  • Smartphone – Smartphone users can experience random pauses on YouTube if there is a problem with the headphone jack or a problem with the YouTube application.
  • Desktop – For desktop or laptop users, an application running in the background may cause problems or have problems with the browser or its extensions.

What do I do when YouTube pauses?

Before you try any of the tips below, make sure your internet speed is fast enough to stream videos from YouTube. Google recommends a connection speed of at least 1.1 Mbps for 480p streaming videos and at least 2.5 Mbps for 720p streaming videos. Adjust the quality of the video to the speed of the Internet.

If YouTube continues to pause on your phone, make sure you are in the latest version of the YouTube application. If your internet speed has reached the limit and the application has been updated to the latest version, and YouTube is still on pause, continue with the following tips

1. Check the headphone jack

Smartphones have this cool feature: When the user turns off the headset, the music stops automatically. However, if there is a problem with the headphones or the headphone jack, you should plug the headphones in and unplug them all the time. YouTube then pauses the video because the phone detects that the headphones are disconnected, stopping the music/video.

To find out, especially if there is a problem with the headset or the headset jack, try connecting the headset to another phone and see if you notice any abnormalities. You can also check your phone with another headset and then take the necessary steps to replace the headset or the headset jack.

2. Erasing memory and cache

If your phone’s memory is too low and many applications are running in the background, the YouTube application may crash, pausing the YouTube application. Close all applications running in the background and you’ll see that YouTube runs smoothly.

In addition, the YouTube application may also fail if the application cache has not been cleaned for a long period of time. You can go to YouTube application information and clear the cache, or you can go to Storage Options in System Preferences and clear all applications and the system cache by clicking the Share Cache option once.

If YouTube is still in continuous pause mode, if possible, try uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it. We hope these solutions will help you solve your YouTube problem.

3. Stopping of background applications

Similarly, for desktop and laptop users, you should check your task manager and notice any applications running in the background and consuming too many resources. Quit these tasks and try to stream videos to YouTube again.

4. Use of extensions and additions

You put a video on YouTube and suddenly it stops and asks if you’re still watching it? If this has happened to you before, it can be quite annoying because it happens often and causes irritation. Use extensions like YouTube NonStop for Chrome and Firefox to bypass the boring Video Suspended. Are you gonna keep looking? Hurry, hurry, hurry.


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Why does YouTube keep stopping and what can be done about it?


Find out why YouTube is constantly on break and what to do when it’s constantly on break.


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