Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Huawei Honor

Recover deleted photos, video and audio files, contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, WhatsApp, documents and more from Huawei Honor Phone!

Take a look: Did you accidentally delete or lose data on your Huawei Honor phone? Do you want to recover lost data? Don’t worry and relax! On this page I present some effective Huawei Honor data recovery solutions to help you recover lost or deleted data from your Huawei Honor smartphone.

Expert advice : According to the expert, one of the best ways to recover deleted or lost data from a Huawei Honor phone is professional Android data recovery, which is an ideal Huawei Honor data recovery software.

You can do it with the Huawei Honor Phone Data Recovery Tool:

  • Effectively recover lost, deleted, deleted and missing data from your Honor Phone without backing up.
  • Retrieve files such as images, videos, audio files, contacts, text messages, call history, notes, voice memos, WhatsApp chat history, documents, and more.
  • Extract files from the internal memory of your Honor phone and the external SD card.
  • Remove the data reset from the factory, water is damaged, screen is broken, locked, root, ROM flash Huawei phones honor.
  • View the files you want to restore in the software preview, select them selectively and finally put them back on your computer.
  • Support for all Huawei mobile phones, such as Huawei Honor 10/8X/8 Pro/7X/7A/7C/View 10/Play/9i/10 GT/6 Plus/6X, Mate 11/10/10 Pro/Mate SE, P20/P20 Lite/P9, Porsche Design Mate R5, Nova 3 etc. that run Android 8.0 Oreo/Nougat/Marshmallow/Lollipop/KitKat/Jelly Bean, etc.

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Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company. The company has been producing mobile phones since 1997. The company has created many Android phones and tablets. It has also entered the Smartwatch market with several Android devices. The company is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China and one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure manufacturers in the world.

With regard to Android smartphones, the company has sold many phones such as the Huawei Mate, P, Y, Nova series in three months and has recently sold 3 million Honor 10 devices worldwide.

Despite the fact that Huawei has produced so many great smartphones, all Android devices have one thing in common: data loss. Many users have accidentally deleted or lost important data on their premium phone.

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For example, take a look at the actual practical scenario mentioned below!

Practical scenario: Photos/contacts/messages lost from Huawei mobile phone after update

How can I restore the data I deleted from my Huawei phone?

Like the name, I’m just updating my buddy Huawei and some data has been lost. I don’t have backup. How can I restore this data? There are various contacts, photos and messages.

The source: Tom Thuma’s guide

Similarly, many Huawei phone users report data loss or deletion. There may be several reasons for losing or deleting data from Huawei Android phones. Some of the most common reasons are listed below.

Causes data loss on your Huawei Honorsmartphone.

  • Accidental or erroneous deletion of important files when deleting unwanted files is one of the main reasons for data loss.
  • If you perform a factory reset without backing up your Huawei phone, all data stored on your device will be erased.
  • Formatting the SD card in your Honor Phone (due to problems and errors with the SD card) also deletes all data stored on the SD card.
  • A virus or malicious attack on your Huawei phone is another important factor that can easily corrupt and make files inaccessible.
  • Other reasons for losing files on your Huawei Honor phone may include: broken screen, water damage, forgotten password or screen lock pattern, system error, operating system update, ROM firmware, routing and so on.

In all of the above scenarios, you risk losing data on your Huawei Honor smartphone. So now the question arises as to how you can restore deleted or lost data on your royal phone.

Don’t worry, here is a great mobile data recovery service from Huawei that will help you recover data from your Huawei Android phone.

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Huawei HonorGreat data recovery software to recover lost / deleted data from your Huawei phone

Android Data Recovery is professional data recovery software for Android phones and tablets. It can easily retrieve photos, videos, audio, SMS, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp chat data, notes, voice memos, documents and more from Huawei Honor.

The best thing about this Honor data recovery software is that it recovers files from both the internal memory of the phone and external SD card. The software is available for Windows and Mac.

This Huawei Honor data recovery software is so powerful that it can easily retrieve data from your Honor phone that is lost or inaccessible due to a faulty phone, forgotten password / screen, reset, routing, ROM firmware, accidentally erased, SD card formatting, virus infection, etc.

Pay attention: Do not use your Huawei phone after a data loss or add new data. Apply Android data recovery immediately to restore your data. Adding new data overwrites existing data, so you lose any chance of successful recovery.

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HuaweiTelephone data recovery software Additional features

  • Huawei phone support: honour 30i, honour X10 Max, honour 30 Lite, honour 8S (2020), honour game 4, honour game 4 Pro, honour X10, honour 9S, honour 9A, honour 9C, honour 30 Pro+, honour 30 Pro, honour game 4T, honour game 4T Pro, honour 8A Prime, honour game 9A, honour 30S, honour sight 30 Pro, honour V30 Pro, honour 20 Lite (China), honour game 3e, Honor 20s, Honor 9X Pro, Honor Game 8, Honor 9X, Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro, Honor 8S, Honor 20i, Honor 8A Pro, Honor 20 Lite, Honor 10i, Honor Game 8A, Honor View 20, Honor V20, Honor 10 Lite, Honor Magic 2 3D, Honor Magic 2, Honor 8C, Honor 8X Max, Honor Note 10, Honor 9N, Honor Play, Honor 9i (2018), Honor 7S, Honor Play 7, Honor 10, Honor 7A, Honor 7C, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 10 View 10, Honor V10, Honor 6C Pro, Honor 7X, Honor 9i, Honor Holly 4, Honor 6 Game, Honor 9, Honor 6A, Honor 2 Bee, Honor 6C, Honor 8 Pro, Honor V9, Honor 8 Lite, Honor 6X, Honor Magic, Honor 8 Smart, Honor Holly 3, Honor 8, Honor 5A, Honor V8, Honor 5C LTE, Honor 5X, Honor 7i, Honor 4A, Honor 4A LTE, Honor 7 Dual SIM, Honor 7, Honor Bee, Honor 4C, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 4X, Honor 6 Extreme Edition, Honor Holly, Honor 4 Game, Honor 3C Game, Honor 6, Honor 3X Pro, Honor 3C 4G, Honor 3C, Honor U8860, Honor 20E, Honor 8A 2020, Honor 9X Lite, Honor 5, Honor Note 8, Honor Holly 2 Plus and other Android phones available on the Huawei Honor market.
  • Supported operating system : Support for all versions of Android OS.
  • Supported storage : Retrieving data from the phone’s internal memory and the external memory card.
  • Support for Android devices : Supports all Android phones and tablets of different brands such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Google Pixel, Sony, ZTE, HTC, Meizu, TCL Alcatel OneTouch, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Panasonic, Oppo, Vivo and all other Android phones and tablets on the market.

Below is a complete guide to recovering deleted or lost data from your Huawei Android phone or tablet with Android data recovery software.

You can also:

Steps to recover lost or deleted data from your Huawei Honorphone

Step 1 – Connect your Android phone

Download, install and start restoring Android data to your computer, then select the Restore data option.

Now connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone.

If your phone is running Android OS 4.2.2 or later, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone. Click OK to allow USB debugging.

Once the unit is connected, you will see the screen as shown in the figure below.

Step 2 – Selecting the file types to be scanned

Once your phone is connected, Android Data Recovery will display the file types that make it possible to recover it. By default, the program has checked all file types. Here you can select the file types you want to recover and then click Next to continue the recovery process.

The software then offers two options (only for devices without root system) : Scan for remote files and scan for all files. Scanning all files will take longer, but your machine will be scanned thoroughly. Now click Next to continue the data recovery process.

The software will first analyze your device.

Android data recovery software now scans your device to recover lost/falsified data. This process may take a few minutes. Wait till the scanning’s done.

Step 4 – Viewing and restoring deleted data on Android devices

Once the scan is complete. You can now view the files you are restoring one by one. Select the files you want to resend and then click Restore to save them to your computer.

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Bonus Tips: Huawei First Telephone to cope with such an unexpected data loss

To deal with scenarios of data loss, you need to back up your Huawei mobile data to your PC using Android Data Backup & Restore software. Allows you to back up all kinds of data such as images, videos, contacts, SMS, call history, documents, audio and application data.

Here you will find step-by-step information on how to back up and restore the data on your Huawei premium phone.

You can also enable automatic sync to store photos, contacts, videos and other files in your Google Account.


Since there are many reasons that can cause data loss on your Huawei phone, you should be prepared for the Huawei Honor recovery solution. If you have backed up, you can restore data from that backup. Otherwise, you should immediately try Android data recovery software to recover deleted/lost data from your Huawei Android phone before it is too late.

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