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You play Terraria and you can’t move fast, everything costs too much and progress seems almost impossible; it’s time to have the ultimate guide to NPC luck in Terraria. NPC luck was not always a part of Terraria, but since it was added with Mastery Update 1.4, NPC luck is crucial to enjoy the game to the fullest.

To create a happy NPC, you need to find two NPCs who like each other in the main house that suits them, whether they are looking for a room for themselves or a more common room.

This process can be simple, but you’ll often have to be creative and look for additional information to make sure you’re bringing good luck in the right way. We dive into every NPC in the game and show you what you need to do to satisfy them with the right combinations, so you can set up pylons anywhere on the map and enjoy discounted prices in the shop.

That’s what it looks like: Each Terraria

Meaning of happiness CPS

In older versions of the game, players often built a single building and placed all NPCs as a convenient prison system. However, with Update 1.4 the luck of the NPCs has become more complex and you don’t want to have too many NPCs in one place.

If you satisfy the NPCs, you can take advantage of the reduced prices in their shop. If you satisfy them, they will offer to sell you the pylons for the biomechanical mechanism in which they are located. This is very important because pylons are one of the most useful structures in the game.

This is also very important because if you make NPCs unhappy, it increases their prices and makes the game more difficult to enjoy. Lucky NPCs lower their prices up to 75%, while unfortunate NPCs can raise them up to 150%. NPCs would like to offer pylons in their shops.


This is a more introductory section, which explains how to obtain NPCs and which principles you should keep in mind when expanding your collection. NPCs play an important role in the game, and a good preparation for each of them will ensure that you do not miss anything.

NPCs only spawn during the day. A house is needed for every NPC that reproduces. When an NPC dies, it sometimes rests in a natural place, far from your base. An NPA does not occur if the house is in an area where there is a lot of corruption or scarlet, or if an event takes place.

As long as all the requirements of the NPC are met and a suitable housing is available, you can expect the NPC to spawn and a banner to be placed under the inhabited premises. There are a total of 26 NPCs in the game, including Santa Claus.


Although the pylons are very useful, there are not as many as you would like. In fact, a certain biomechanical pylon teleports directly to this area, making it much easier to navigate through the game.

There are nine pylons in total, but you won’t find one for every little biome. The nine pylons you can buy in the game are: forest, desert, snow, cave, ocean, jungle, swallow (only available in hard mode), mushroom and universal. The universal pylon is the last one you’ll find and can be placed almost anywhere, but we’ll talk about that later.

To use the pylon, right click on the card and then left click on the pylon to cross it directly. Although you don’t need all the pylons to win the game, they certainly achieve your specific goals much more easily.

The key to happiness

There are many factors to consider if you want to maximize the happiness of your NPC. Every NPC in the game gets his or her preferences and dislikes to determine where to place them and with whom to place them.

At most NPCs you can talk to them and they will probably tell you who they like and if they like their situation; sometimes they will reveal the areas they like. To maximize the opportunity, you want to place at least two, but no more than three NPCs in a suitable structure in their favourite biomechanical mechanism.

The general rule of thumb is that one neighbour within twenty-five blocks is preferable, and no more than three neighbours per twenty-five blocks.

It is best to focus on two NPCs, because sometimes it can be difficult to get a decent chance with a third NPC. You must also make sure that one of the NPCs you choose sells items, otherwise it will not work.

Creation of custom houses

You have to follow a lot of rules when making a house for an NPC, but once you’ve learned the basics, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a building quickly. First of all, each property must have a total area of at least 60 blocks, including the frame. If you strive for a minimum size of 5×12, 6×10, 7×9 or 8×8, you have enough space to work.

The house can have any shape, as long as it meets the requirements. Each house should have a player with back walls, comfortable furniture, a light source and an entrance. Usually a chair and a table are needed, although other options such as a workbench or bed can also be used. You need at least a flat surface and a place to sit or lie down.

A door, trap, high door or platform can be used to enter. The inlet does not need to be used, it should be theoretically available even if the NPC cannot pass through the hole.

The house cannot be made of all platforms and needs at least one concrete block protruding from the wall. If your house is 750 blocks or more away, it is considered too big to qualify. Certain elements can disrupt the installation and disqualify it as an NPC home. Again, too much raspberry or corruption in the neighborhood could disqualify a place, but that’s not the case with Hallow.

EICHousing allocation

Normally, NPCs automatically move to any available home, but this is not very helpful to keep them happy. To reassign them, use the Hull menu located above the Hardware menu on the right side of the screen.

The banners show the houses in which the NPCs live, and you can then select and move their banners. There is also a question mark icon that can be used to determine whether a house is habitable.

Individual EICPreferences

In this section you will find a short description of each NPC in the game, along with their preferences and dislikes, so you can quickly start planning how to set up your villages before we start the game, although there are 6 NPCs in the game that are not mentioned here because of their unique character.

City cat, city dog and city rabbit can influence the happiness of NPCs, but they are not considered neighboring NPCs, so they cannot influence them negatively or positively. They also have itinerant NPCs that don’t move, and they’re the itinerant merchant, the old man and the skeleton trader.

to hard mode

Leadership: This NPC is ideal for giving general advice and helping to acquire other NPCs. He is always present when a new world is discovered and lists all possible recipes for the objects offered to him. He loves the biomechanism of the forest, not the ocean. He loves Clothier and Zoologist, but hates Stempunker and hates Painter.

Merchant: The first available shop, the dealer sells the necessary tools and supplies, and the first spawn after players have collected more than 50 silver coins in their inventory or during a non-bee. He loves the forest and hates the wilderness. With the neighbours he prefers the golfer, and the nurse doesn’t like the tax authorities and hates the fisherman.

Nurse: This NPC makes it possible to heal players and undo licentious spells by exchanging coins. She appears when the player has more than 100 health points, and she loves the Hallow biome, while she hates Snow. For the neighbours she loves the arms dealer, she loves the wizard, she hates the dryad and the partying, and she hates the zoologist.

Demolition company: You can talk to this NPC about buying explosives. It appears when you have explosives in your inventory or during the For Worthy campaign. He prefers the underground biomechanism and doesn’t like the ocean. He loves the innkeeper, loves the mechanic, hates the arms dealer and the goblin Zinker, but has no hatred.

Dry cleaning: You can talk to this NPC to buy the dyeing station and get rare dyes in exchange for foreign plants. It is displayed when you have a colored object in your inventory. He loves the wilderness and hates the forest, loves the arms dealer and the artist, hates the steampunker and hates the pirate.

Fisherman: This NPC gives you fishing assignments and the corresponding rewards can be found in the ocean biome. He loves the sea and he doesn’t love the desert. He also wants to be a protester, a party animal, a tax collector, and just hates Tavernkip.

Zoologist: You can go to this NPC to buy vanities, mounts, creatures and household items. Expect it to appear when you have filled at least 10% of the bestiary. As for the bark, the zoologist must be placed in the forest and does not like nature. She loves the wizard, loves the golfer, hates the fisherman and hates the arms dealer.

Dryad: You can buy items related to nature, diamonds and corruption from this NPC. It appears after defeating certain bosses and can also assess the percentage of Hallow, Corruption and Crimson in the world. She likes the jungle and she doesn’t like the desert. She loves the witch doctor and the truffle, doesn’t love Angel and hates the golfer.

Artist: It sells you painting tools, paints and paintings, and can be found after you’ve bought eight or four other NPC cities, depending on which system you’re playing. The artist loves the jungle and doesn’t like the forest. He loves Dryad, he loves Cat, and he doesn’t love Truffle or Cyborg.

Golfer: At this shop you can buy golf balls, clubs and other golf equipment, which can be found in the underground desert. He loves the forest and, surprisingly, he doesn’t like the subway. He loves the fisherman, loves the painter and the zoologist, hates the pirate and hates the shopkeeper.

Arms dealer: The person you call up for weapons, bullets and ammunition can be found if you have bullets or a weapon in your inventory. As for preferences, he loves the desert and doesn’t like snow. He loves the nurse, loves the puncher, hates the golfer and hates the demolisher.

Innkeeper: You can talk to this NPC to collect the calling items, and you can find him after defeating the World Eater of Brain Cthulhu bosses. He loves Hallow and hates Snow, while he loves the wreckers, loves the goblins, hates Gide and hates Dyer.

Designer: You change your hair, sell hair dye and find it in the spider’s cave. She prefers the ocean biome and doesn’t like snow, while she also likes dyers, loves pirates, hates tavern keepers and hates iron goblins.

Tinker Imp: This NPC sells items to be forged and can be used to repair, and can be found in the cave level after you have defeated the goblin invasion. He’s a Subway fan and he doesn’t like the jungle. He loves the mechanic, loves the dry cleaner, hates the dressmaker and hates the stylist.

Wizard: The NPC sells blowpipe and summoning equipment and appears after the defeat of the queen bee. You’ll want to put him in the jungle, not the Hollow. He loves Dryad and Gide, hates the nurse and hates the nose.

Clothier: This NPC sells vanity articles and appears after beating Skeletron. He likes Underground and he doesn’t like Hallow. He loves the truffle, loves the taxman, hates the nurse and hates the mechanic.

Mechanic: For example, it sells articles in the field of mechanics. B. Wrench, and is in the dungeon. She likes Snow and she doesn’t like the subway. She loves Tinker, loves Cyborg, hates the arms dealer and hates Clothier.

Party animal: You can buy her visual novelties, and she was born after acquiring 14 NPCs. She loves holiness and hates Underground, while she loves Magician and Zoologist, loves Stylist, hates Merchant and hates Tax Collector.

Hard mode

Wizard: He sells objects related to magic and is in the cave. He prefers Hallow and doesn’t like Ocean. He loves the golfer, the shopkeeper, the witch doctor doesn’t love him and Cyborg hates him.

Tax collector : It will collect property taxes from other NPCs and needs a boat in the underworld. He loves the snow, does not love holiness, loves merchants, loves the party girl, does not love wreckers and mechanics, and hates Santa Claus.

The truffles: He sells articles related to mushrooms, which can be found in the ember mushroom biome. He really loves the mushroom biome and doesn’t like it anywhere else. He loves Gide, loves Dryad, hates Clothier and hates the Wizard.

Pirate: You can buy him guns and piracy supplies. They found him again after the defeat of the pirate invasion. He loves Ocean, loves Underground, loves Angler, loves Tavernkeeper, hates Stylist and hates Guide.

Steampunker: She sells a teleporter, a jetpack and other futuristic items and can be satisfied after defeating the mechanical boss. They want her in the desert, and she doesn’t like the jungle. She loves Cyborg, loves the artist and hates the dryad, the wizard and the meeting place.

Cyborg: He sells a rocket launcher and rockets that can be found after the defeat of the Plantera. He likes the snow and he doesn’t like the jungle. He likes steampunkers, pirates and stylists. He doesn’t like the zoologist and he hates the wizard.

Santa Claus: You can also buy him decorations for Santa Claus, and he will show up for Christmas when the Legion of Sovereign is defeated. He loves the snow, hates the desert and only the taxman.

Princess: She sells a royal set and other unique items and can be found after collecting all other NPCs except Santa Claus. It can be placed anywhere and loves all other NPCs.

Technical advice

Taking into account all their preferences, here are a few more tips to help you get the most out of your happiest NPCs. Thanks to its creative construction, you can create houses that fit into multiple biomes and conquer multiple pylons from a single store.

You can also create an artificial biomeetje almost anywhere by using the 80 blocks of the biomeetje to build a bubble house above ground. Finally, you can buy a universal pylon from a zoologist once you have 100% bestiary, and it can be placed anywhere and does not need 2 NPCs nearby to work like the others.

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