The 7 Best Gaming Add-Ons for Kodi Users

When you mention Kodi to those who don’t use it, they tend to see the platform as an on-demand streaming service for entertainment and TV channels. We know that this is true, but there is much more to this open-source beauty than meets the eye. This application can be encoded to record many exciting additions for card and video readers around the world.

Given the uncertainty about the long-term future of Kodi, you need to know how to transform your Kodi platform from an entertainment portal to a full-fledged gaming platform. We present seven new features that you can view and play as you like.


If you’re nostalgic for the game, Cody can help you quench your thirst for retro gaming. The optional Retroplayer application is available in the official Kodi store. You can download it in the mobile app store or at the office. Please note that you will need Kodi version 18 or higher for this. The Retroplayer kernel can run smoothly in the Kodi Entertainment Center and can run retro emulators for games from classic consoles such as the N64, PS1 and even older MS-DOS-based PC games.


There’s no doubt that the Twitch community is quickly becoming the place to be for all kinds of live games. Whether it’s electronic sports tournaments like the CS : GO and League of Legends or sports management simulators such as Football Manager are currently appearing all over the world. In the official Kodi repository you can download the Twitch add-on for Kodi so you can watch and learn from your favorite live streamers. By November 2020 there were over 8.5 million Twitch streamers in the community, so there’s a good chance you’ll find at least a few personalities to chat with.

PokerStars TV

Imagine you’re a little card shark? If you have a penchant for Texas Hold’em poker, you can watch the best poker players compete against each other on the PokerStars TV portal. Watching the pros is a great way to refine your poker strategy. PokerStars TV provides live coverage of the biggest events in the industry, including the EPT, APPT and LAPT. A Kodi expansion module is available for the chain and can be installed from the SuperRepo repositories, which contain over 2,000 free Kodi expansion modules.


Although it’s not possible to play your favourite board games on Kodi, there’s an official Kodi add-on that gives you access to the best official and public content in terms of current games and new releases. Available through the official Kodi repository, the Steam extension allows you to enjoy more content generated by players like you. You can watch live game sessions as well as officially licensed videos and artwork to whet your appetite for new releases. The Steam extension is a must for every player who wants to keep his finger on the pulse.

ROM Collection Browser

If you like to play classic and retro video games, you can do so with the Kodi system. The ROM Collection Browser Add-on is one of the simplest and most intuitive ways to enjoy ROMs from old-fashioned PC and console games. You can build your own toy library, full of nostalgic computer games you loved as a child. The browser can read all the covers and game settings to give you a game experience that suits you.

Cody Blackjack

If you’re probably a fan of PokerStars TV, you’ll probably enjoy the publicity for Cody Blackjack as well. Based on the home game 21, Kodi Blackjack is a digital version that allows you to reduce the hours. You are confronted with the virtual dealer, whose intelligent AI puts your blackjack strategy to the test. This add-on is also available for download in the SuperRepo community, as is PokerStars TV. Once downloaded, you can play without leaving the Kodi Media Center.


The network is specially designed for Cody. At first sight Netwalk seems a bad imitation of Tetris, but in terms of problem solving it works slightly different. The key to this game is to connect the pipes of all blue and red computers in a minimum number of moves.

It is designed to play on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Netwalk is available in Kodi’s official repository and is a classic puzzle game that gives you the chance to beat your high scores over and over again.

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