How to quickly save unknown WhatsApp numbers one click

Last updated on 25. January 2019 by Arian Scube

Having a lot of unknown songs on the WhatsApp startup screen is not cool. It doesn’t matter if they’re random or not. In this guide, you will understand why you need to store unknown WhatsApp numbers.

Whether you run your business on WhatsApp or as part of a small personal production, store inventory or even large-scale operation, the unknown number of your customer requests, questions and complaints is a goldmine for your business.

If you also have entertainment, an online magazine or blog, a lifestyle or personal coaching, you should consider keeping those unknown numbers today. The same goes for personal WhatsApp users.

Why should I keep track of unknown WhatsApp numbers?

When your company is contacted by WhatsApp, there is a tendency for someone to become interested in the product or service you offer. Once we’ve solved this problem, it’s not over yet.

You can always contact them, because they have already registered your company number. The question is now: Why and how to contact them?

You have to reach them, because they are your potential customers. They came to you so cheap. It is not common for someone to forget your customer’s WhatsApp number. You have to respect that.

How can I contact you now?

There are three ways to contact your customers at WhatsApp. This could be the end;

  1. Segment broadcast
  2. WhatsApp stories
  3. Direct message

And you can’t perform any of the above 1 and 2 without registering their numbers. It is therefore important to keep the unknown numbers that have come after what you offer.

To enable your search customers to read your WhatsApp promotional articles, they must be your contacts. They must also be in contact with you for the segmentation and dispatch of shipments.

The next call is about saving a set of unknown WhatsApp numbers. InTouchApp comes here to steal the limelight.

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With InTouchApp, you can save all unknown numbers in WhatsApp messages with a single click. It’s not exhausting to type their names in a row. InTouchApp does the work for you.

This is what InTouchApp does for you in seconds;

  1. It scans all unsaved numbers on your WhatsApp.
  2. Pick it up right here on your phone. This reduces stress.

To use InTouchApp, follow these steps.

  1. Click this link to download InTouchApp for your device.
  2. Follow the instructions for registration.
  3. Click here to add the InTouchApp Chrome extension to your browser.
  4. Login to your WhatsApp account using the web version by entering To do this
    Go to WhatsApp -> WhatsApp Web. Use the QR code to synchronize chat rooms.
  5. In your browser, tap the InTouchApp icon to sync your account with the account installed on your device. You can login with your e-mail, username or mobile phone number.
  6. Now restart your browser.
  7. Click to add an unknown number… …on the left side of the screen. It has a contact symbol. Then click on the DO IT button of LET
  8. Your messages are scanned for unsaved numbers in the WhatsApp Home screen. When scanning is completed, the unsaved phone numbers are displayed. .
  9. Click the Save button to save them for your phone contacts.

You can now view your WhatsApp messages to see the new contacts associated with these unregistered numbers. It’s time to start rerouting to these contacts, either through stories or personalized broadcasts.

To delete these contacts, simply remove them from your contact list. Hurry up and search them. Numbers always start with WhatsApp Web 0001. You can use multiple selections to remove them faster.

We hope you found this article useful. Share this information with your friends so they can get to know this great tool.

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