Guide to Create a Free Instagram Online Store in 2020

Are you planning to create an online store with a budget? Fortunately, there is a way to reduce costs to zero, and the name of this method is Instagram. By following the detailed instructions of the experts on the Freepps website, you can create your own online store for free on this popular image sharing network.

According to the statement, more than 70 percent of U.S. companies use Instagram, while more than 200 million users view at least one marketable profile per day. Read on to find out what an Instagram store is, how it can affect your e-commerce project and how you can create one for free.

What is an Instagram online store?

The Instagram Store makes it easy to select products and place orders.

Instagram Shop is a feature that allows you to synchronize your Insta profile with an external product catalog. It also allows you to promote products through Instagram Explore, Stories, Store Tab and regular mailings. It is also an excellent breeding ground for cross-promotion.

A product page on Instagram can provide users with complete information about any product, including

  • Real pictures;
  • Current product name ;
  • Detailed or concise description ;
  • Price tag ;
  • Related articles ;
  • Links to the website of your shop or other sources.

Instagram Shop benefits

What makes Instagram an e-commerce center? Above all, it’s a way to reduce online noise and allow users to access your store without having to disconnect from the social network. By reducing these frictions, you can increase your conversion rate and build a closer relationship with your customers. Finally, your tagged messages will be accessible to your target group in Shopping Explore. This leads to greater involvement and attracts customers with a strong intention to buy.

Steps for starting an Instagram Magazine

Step 1 – Save options

To open an Instagram Store, you must create a store account on Facebook to synchronize your product information with the Instagram Store. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Standalone Facebook Store – You can create a product list with product descriptions on your Facebook Store page. It also allows you to manage orders and process payments directly. This option is the solution if you don’t have an e-commerce site yet.

Example of the homepage of the Facebook Store admin panel.

  1. Synchronized E-Commerce Site – Shopify allows you to link a directory on your site to your Facebook account and avoid having to create ads manually. Create a Shopify store (for free), sync it with your store or Facebook company account and link it to your Instagram company account. You are now ready to set up your new Instagram store!

Show sales channels on the home page.

Step 2 –Compliance

You must ensure that the products you sell are compliant and that your company complies with Instagram’s company policies. Then make sure the feature is available in your country and update it with the latest version of the application. If you see any signs of shopping bags on the sticks, keep walking.

You must also have an Enterprise Instagram account to proceed. You can create one from scratch or convert your payment account to a business account. To do this, go to the Instagram application settings, press Switch to Business Account and then press Enterprise. Then go to the Account Settings menu and link your Facebook page using the Linked Accounts option.

Step 3 – Creation of directory

Add products to your Shopify website now, link them to your Facebook page and add a catalog on Facebook to make products available on Shopify. Go to Products, highlight all items in the list, click Actions and make the products available. This step is quite simple, but you can watch the tutorials on YouTube if you have any problems.

Step 4 – Setting the distribution channel

Next, you need to make your Instagram shopping page visible for your Shopify account. In your dashboard, click on the plus icon next to your sales channels and select Instagram from the context menu. Synchronize platforms with references and continue.

Step 5 – Account verification

You should take a break at this point, as account verification can take up to a few working days. Use this checklist to make sure you have arranged everything:

  • You have an Instagram Company Profile (Step 2) ;
  • You have synchronized it with your company page on Facebook (step 2) ;
  • You have linked your Facebook account to your Shopify Store Page (step 3) ;
  • You have synchronized your Shopify product list with your Facebook account (step 3) ;
  • You have synchronized your Shopify store with your Instagram company account (step 4).

If you have done this, you will have to wait for the application to display a message stating Start labelling products on Instagram. Once you’ve got it, you can add product labels to all the photos and stories in your profile. They’ll also be visible on the Explore channel. However, two final steps still need to be taken.

Step 6 – Choosing the right shop on Facebook

When you receive the notification, you must confirm the Facebook page in order to properly connect it to Instagram. Go to Store Settings, search Business Settings and click Purchasing. Select Facebook Shop from the list (if you have more than one), and you will see all your Shopify products synchronized on all 3 platforms.

Step 7 – Product label

Now that all the preparatory steps have been completed, you can unlock the true potential of the Instagram Shop function. Follow these simple steps to start tagging your products into articles and features.

  1. Start creating a new position;
  2. Click the Product Tag button under the header and select the product that matches the message;
  3. You can now add and publish hashtags and captions. The user sees a product label with a price.

You can add up to 5 tags to a single item or up to 20 tags to items with multiple images. Create at least one message for the Store Strip to unlock the Store tab in your profile. Congratulations! From now on, a complete Instagram store is at your disposal free of charge.

It’s time to grow up!

Although it takes time to properly install your shop, the end result is worth it. Now you can create an efficient e-commerce store for free and start generating revenue right away. However, the team recommends that you familiarize yourself with the most popular online marketing strategies to make your Instagram business account succeed faster. Instagram is a platform for everyone, the best advice for you at this point is to start using it!

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