4 Firefox Features You Should Be Using Right Now

Last month I closed Google Chrome completely for Firefox.

I used Firefox as my secondary browser and Chrome is my primary browser because I’ve been using it for over ten years and it stores all my passwords and bookmarks.

To be honest, I was just lazy in the idea of changing my browser, but it was a lot easier than I thought. Firefox imported bookmarks from Google Chrome, and I quickly organized the folders in the main bookmarks window.

In the same way, I exported all the passwords from the saved accounts and imported them into Firefox.

After doing these two things, I was happy to use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser. That’s when I started noticing and using obscure Firefox features that improved my navigation.

Firefox function to improve the functioning of your internet

If you’re also a Firefox user, I strongly recommend that you try these features. Perhaps this will become an integral part of your surfing behaviour on the Internet.

1. Use a Firefox account to synchronize account passwords and bookmarks on devices

This may be the first thing you do after installing Firefox on Ubuntu or the operating system you are using.

With a Firefox account, you can save your bookmarks and account passwords for different websites and view your history on different devices.

This is very useful if you are reinstalling the operating system or if you are using the Firefox browser on a support system (e.g. a computer at home or at work).

You can also use it to send an open tab to another device where Firefox is installed and running. This allows you to share URLs between your computer and your mobile device.

Firefox also has a built-in Firefox Lockwise password manager. You can use it as a separate application on your phone. This application allows you to view your stored account information to connect to applications on your regular websites (such as Amazon).

Personally I use Bitwarden, and it is my current choice of password manager for Linux and Android.

2. Use the play (and listen) mode and enjoy more web content

Although they’re directly in the address bar, many Firefox users aren’t aware of the excellent read access.

Firefox view

Reading mode changes the appearance of the web page to give you a cleaner and better reading experience. Removes the sidebar, displays the font and font size and changes it.

You can control certain aspects of the appearance of the display mode. You can change the font (between two options), content width, font size, line height, etc. You can also choose between light, dark and sepia.

There is also an experimental listening mode. I don’t think it’s gonna work.

To return to the original web page, simply press the x icon.

3. Use Firefox relays to prevent the use of e-mail

Almost every website you visit on the internet today offers you an e-mail newsletter. But can you trust them all?

You will notice that even if you unsubscribe from certain mailing lists, you will continue to receive their emails. Sometimes when you subscribe to a service/newsletter, you may receive emails from random sources, because that email database may have been leaked or your email address may have been sold.

Firefox Relay is an add-on that allows you to permanently use fake email addresses. You can use these addresses to subscribe to newsletters and product updates.

Emails sent to these addresses are first sent to the Firefox relay and then forwarded by the Firefox relay to your email address.

If at any time you feel that you are not receiving updates at this address, simply disconnect the Firefox relay. Since your real email address has never been made available to a third party, you will no longer have spam problems.

Example for the Firefox relay

If you remember, we’ve already talked about a similar service called Easy Entry. The Firefox relay is in beta, but it works fine.

4. Use your pocket to store interesting articles from the internet

A few years ago Mozilla bought a pocket web application (formerly known as Read It Later). Mozilla is now trying to integrate it tightly with Firefox. Next to the address bar you will see the option to save the webpage in your pocket.

A bag is a bookmark mechanism with superpowers. Unlike bookmarks, Pocket stores the entire web page. You can read it later without advertising, without distractions (e.g. in Firefox playback mode). It’s a useful tool for people like me who find interesting things on the internet, but don’t start reading them right away.

You can freely use your bag to store web pages and read/listen them later. They also have first-class features (in terms of price) such as permanent backup of web pages (even if the site is deleted, the item remains in your pocket), automatic tagging, full-text search and the ability to highlight interesting sections. I use Pocket Premium.

Your bag also includes Android and iPhone apps, so you can save and read your saved items on the go.

There is always something else to discover.

Firefox has a lot more to offer. If you like, you can explore your preferences and configure your privacy and security settings. There are tons of supplements that you can use according to your needs.

Do you prefer the theme of darkness? You can activate dark mode in Firefox. If you want to change the look of your browser, there are many other themes.

The research is not yet finished, but in this article I wanted to emphasize the characteristics that I find important.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite Firefox tips, why don’t you share your favorite feature or tip with Firefox? The comment section is at your disposal.


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