12 War Card Games for Android and iPhone 2021

In this article we explain what a card game is. Rules of the war card game. A variation on the war card game. We are talking about the top 15 map applications available for Android and iPhone.

Set of cards

This game is played with a normal deck of cards, just like the other cards. But she has her own rules. This is a two-player card game in which the cards are divided equally between the two players. The winner of the game is determined by the player who has all the cards at the end. This game is entirely based on luck.

Card games for warfare Rules

  • Each player receives the same number of cards. The game begins when each player turns over his or her cards.
  • The player with the highest card takes both cards and keeps them in his pile.
  • In this game it is the score of the cards that counts, not the colors. Ace is the highest and so on.
  • If both players get the same scorecard on the table. Then the war begins.
  • In a war, each player must take turns to place three cards face down. Then the fourth card is turned over. Whoever has the highest card in the fourth round gets all the cards.
  • If the fourth card turns out to be the same, the war starts again.
  • You can also choose the number of cards for the Hidden War: (3, 5, 10).

A variant of the wargamecard game

These are some of the variants of the card war games you will find on the online platform on the internet.

# Casino Wars

As usual, but while playing. Many online casinos have a war card on their gambling list.

# Prison Wars

It is played by more than two players. When a man wins a war, he chooses a card and holds it like a prisoner. You can also take it off your card, but you have to keep it open. You can then use this prisoner card at any time in a later fight. If that score is high, you will win this war. If he has a lower rank, you lose and the game continues as before.

# Beggar man

This variant is played with 32 cards, with each player receiving 16 cards. But each player must choose a specific color, black or red, and the other rules are the same.

List of military card games for Android and iOS

I will now introduce 12 different folder warrior applications for Android and iPhone. Read to the end for full information.

1. War is a card game (in the Leaf Castle)

It is available on Android. It has over 100,000 downloads with a rating of 3.2 stars. The size of the application is 20 MB. During the competitions you will see an announcement below, but you won’t mind. The game has two modes, one of which can be played against an android and a human. Each player is dealt 18 cards. The ranking of the card is from the highest to the lowest level.

2. War Card Game (by New Ave Inc.)

It is available on Android. It has over a kilo of downloads with a rating of 4.4 stars. The size of the application is 12 MB. You can see the ads, but you can also enjoy the game. You can play against a computer and a friend. In the order of the card rank, from the highest to the lowest value, you can select the number of cards face down (3, 5, 10 and 25).

3. War – Card Game

It is available on Android. It has over 10,000 downloads with a rating of 3.1 stars. The size of the application is 34 MB. Announcements are made every time you start a game. It has cool visuals and different card games. There are several game modes such as Classic WarfareThis is a classic war game.

3 Wars- In this game the first player to win 3 wars wins. War Strategy- In this variant, each player must randomly choose five cards to play.

War Reserve- With this option anyone can choose up to 3 cards in reserve for later in the war, but reserving a card is worth the cost of losing the next card to your opponent. You can play both on the computer and online.

4. The casino war

It is available on Android, the application has over a kilo of downloads with a rating of 3.4 stars. The size of the application is 11 MB. In this application you get chips that you can bet on this interesting right. You get an unlimited number of chips to play with. You don’t have to buy anything.

5. PVC: Set of cards

It is available on Android and can be downloaded at over a kilo with a rating of 3.5 stars. The size of the application is 11 MB. It’s also a casino card game where you get chips. It has some nice animations, but not such a cool user interface.

6. Mobile card game

The size of the application is 17 MB. It is available on Android, but I do not recommend this application. It does not have a good interface and is not optimized.

7. War map War

It is available on Android, has over 10k downloads with a 3.3 star rating. The size of the application is 23 MB. It’s not a military casino game. In this case, you can choose the number of cards between 1 and 15 before the war. But he has the opportunity to see his own cards or those of his opponents. That makes it less interesting. You can not play this application online.

8. Military card game for two players

It is available for iPhone and iPad and has a 4 star rating. Size of the game: 16.3 MB. It’s a normal war game. You can play with a computer and a friend. You can also add two jokers to the game.

9. No war

It is available for iPhone and iPad. It’s got four stars. The size of the game is 41MB. It has great graphics and animations that are great fun to watch. It features exciting sound effects and a great user interface. It’s a normal variant of the war game. You can play with a computer and a human.

10. Online war card game

This is the site where you can play the card game War online. It has a simple interface, but you can play with the computer and with different opponents.

11. Card Warfare

I don’t advise you to install this game. It’s 7MB, but it’s a very bad experience. Everything is so boring and unattractive. However, it has more than a kilo of downloads with a rating of 3.5 stars.

12. Card Battle is a classic card game from thewargame.

It is available on Android. It offers over 10,000 downloads with a 3-star rating. The size is very small, only 4.5 MB, so you can get started because there are some nice boards and cards that give the feel of the game. The game lasts about 3 minutes, after which the player with the most cards wins. There is a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode.


I hope you enjoyed the article. You don’t have to try all the applications listed in this article, just choose the right one based on your needs, taste and the storage space of your device. So, please, keep supporting us. If you have any confusion about technology and games, please let us know. We keep a blog about it.

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