WiFi Signal Strength Booster Tricks – Boost WiFi Instantly

The 2016 study was published; the total number of Internet users worldwide is 3,424,971,237. This represents 40% of the world’s population. The number of internet users is increasing rapidly from day to day. There is a popular way to connect to the Internet. That’s what I mean by WiFi. This
is a popular way to connect to the internet.

It offers many facilities for surfing the internet. That’s why people are attracted by the Wi-Fi internet connection.
In principle, most Wifi connections cannot provide you with a fast internet connection. The free and publicly accessible Wi-Fi internet connections are very slow and boring to watch. In general, the speed of the Internet depends on your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

But sometimes the internet slows down due to various WiFi problems. If the WiFi signal level is low, your internet speed will be slow. The strength of the Wi-Fi signal is decreasing for several reasons. Because of this, the speed of the internet can be low. SafeForPC will share five (5) tips on WiFi signal amplifiers.

5 tips on wifi signal performance – instant wifi acceleration

Some of the methods that can be used to restore Wifi signal strength I will now describe the 5 amazing tricks of the WiFi Booster Repeater to Wifi signal strength amplifier:

1. Use the Internet near your router

The first tips concern the use of the Internet next to the router. Each router has a special power supply for a fast connection. So you should always try to connect next to the router. Next to the router there is a very hard and fast internet connection.

Away from the router = weaker WiFi signal + slower internet connection WiFi signal strength extends to devices 360 degrees. So install your router in the middle of your home or office to get a better WiFi signal. You can also use a mini-Wifi-repeater if your location is far from your router.

2. Reduce the number of people on the side of the router

Even the human body can prevent the speed of radio waves! To get good service from a router, you should always try to keep people free at the router’s location.

3. Placing a router

Choosing the right location for your router is an excellent solution to boost your Wi-Fi signal. To get a good service, there is no other way without a powerful standard router. However, it is more important to install the router in the right place. Place your router as far up as possible. The same amount, which can be higher, is distributed over the perimeter of the radio wave and is capable of receiving a high level of WiFi signals over the high-speed internet.

4. Caution when downloading large files

Downloading large files to your computer or laptop can cause a drop in Wi-Fi signal and internet speed. When downloading a large file, the router reduced the Internet speed for other devices. To download a large file when the number of users is low.

5. Passwords must be complex and difficult.

Here’s another tip from Wifi Power Signal Booster. Make your password very complex
. It is therefore necessary to define the password with lowercase letters mixed with uppercase letters, with a symbolic alphabet, such as Xi@P2&8a%, etc..

Otherwise they’re afraid of being hacked. If the password of the wifi connection is hacked, the hacker will reduce the speed of your internet connection by downloading a large number of files or large files.


You may find the above tips useful. If you find these tips useful, please share this article with your friends and family.

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