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In this tutorial you will learn how to use secure storage in the flutter zone. We use the Flutter_secure_storage package to store information securely in the Flutter mobile application.

If the information is stored in a secure repository:

  • The iOS uses a secure key fob,
  • Android uses AES encryption. The secret AES key is encrypted with RSA and the RSA key is stored in the KeyStore.

Let’s learn how to set up secure storage in our mobile application Flutter.

Setting up reliable storage

Open the pubspec.yaml file in your Flutter project.

In pubspec.yaml, under the dependencies, add the flutter_secure_storage package and enter the version number. The number of the latest version can be found on this page:

Open the terminal window and change the current directory for your Flutter project. Perform a shiver command in the pub in the terminal window. Then navigate to the build.gradle file in the Android folder in the :

Go to minSdkVersion in the build.gradle file and install it at least until version 20, because flutter_secure_storage is not supported on versions before 16 :

When you’re done, navigate to the lib folder and create a new folder called services :

Create a storage.dart file in the Services folder.

Working on safe storage methods

We are now ready to create a class of methods responsible for writing, reading and deleting information from secure storage.

Let’s create a class called SecureStorage and initialize an object of the data type FlutterSecureStorage.

SecureStorage Class{

last _storage = FlutterSecureStorage() ;


Writing data

Now that we’ve created a new SecureStorage class, we’re adding our first method that will be responsible for writing for secure storage.

SecureStorage Class{

last _storage = FlutterSecureStorage() ;

Asynchronous future writeSecureData (String key, string value) {
var writeData = waitit _storage.write(key: key, value: value);
return writeData;

The code fragment above the Future function explained the function, which accepts two parameters, a key and a value. As part of this feature, we have declared an object that stores data encrypted with FirebaseSecureStorage and then simply returns that object.

Reading and deleting data

In the same way, we can develop methods for reading information and removing information from secure storage.

SecureStorage Class{

last _storage = FlutterSecureStorage() ;

Future asynchronization of writeSecureData (string key, string value) {var writeData = waitit _storage.write(key : key, value : value) ;} Future asynchronization of readSecureData(string key) {var readData = waitit : key) ;return readData ;}Future deleteSecureData(string key) async{var deleteData = waitit _storage.delete(key : key) ;return deleteData ;} }}.

Using safe storage for your application

To use this package in your mobile flutter application, all you have to do is initialize the SecureStorage class we created above.

Final SecureStorage secureStorage = SecureStorage() ;

Now that you have a SecureStorage class object, you can name the methods for reading or writing data. For example, you can use the following code fragment to securely store your email address and username in an application.

secureStorage.writeSecureData (e-mail, user.e-mail);
secureStorage.writeSecureData (name, user.displayName) ;

This allows secure storage of encrypted data in the local storage.

I hope that beat was good for you. If you are interested in flutter, read the other flutter tutorials on this site. Some of them contain video courses.

Good mobile application development with Flutter!

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