How to Type Per Mille Symbol In Word or Excel (On Keyboard)

This is a very detailed guide that suggests different ways to insert or type a symbol or character in percent (‰) on your PC, for example in Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, whether you are using a Windows or Mac keyboard. You will learn all the simple methods, including the binding Per Mille Alt code.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Quick guide for setting characters per thousand (‰)

To enter the Per Mille symbol somewhere on your PC or laptop (e.g. MS Word or Excel), press the optional key combination + 0089 for Mac. And if you’re using Windows, simply press the Alt key and enter 0137 using the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard.

To enter this character in MS Word, just type 2030, highlight it and press Alt + X to get the Per Thousand character.

The following table contains everything you need to know to enter this icon on both Windows and Mac.

Name symbol Pro-Mill Sign
Symbol text
Alt code symbol 0137
Windows Quick Start Guide Former + 0137
Abbreviation of Mac option + 0089
Short description in word 1 2030, Alt+X

Additional information on the inscription of the Per Mille symbol

Whether you use Windows or a Mac, the above information is enough to write the Per Mille character in a Word/Excel document.

However, if you are not satisfied with this quick help, please read the following, because I will explain in detail how to get a Per Mille or another icon somewhere on your Mac or Windows PC, like in MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

As you may already know, the keyboard has dual-use keys for Windows and Mac. This means that the keyboard has symbols that are easily accessible as a second key. By simply pressing two or more buttons at the same time, you can easily insert these characters into your work. For example, if you press Shift + 7, the ampere mark (&) will appear.

However, the other characters are not entered as the second key on the keyboard. It makes it hard to hit. One of these symbols is the mill symbol (‰).

Entering text becomes very difficult if you regularly need to add some of these characters to your work.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Especially now that you are reading this guide step by step.

How to insert the Per Mille/Per Mille symbol in Word/Excel

In the following paragraphs, I will show you all the simple ways to enter or insert this symbol (Per Mille – ‰) anywhere on your Windows or Mac PC (e.g. Word or Excel or PowerPoint).

In a few minutes I will explain some methods to get Per Mille (‰) and any other characters.

For quick reference, press the Alt key and enter the letter code 0137 on the numeric keypad. You can also press the Option key + 0089 on your Mac.

However, the methods are explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

1. Shortcuts per thousand icon (Windows and Mac)

Brief description of the Per Mille symbol for Mac – Option + 0089.

Windows has several shortcuts, some of which only work with Microsoft Word.

However, there is a Windows shortcut for the Per Mille character that works in all applications. This is an alt code called Alt+0137 (see next section).

Labeling of the Per Mille symbol for Microsoft Word – 2030, Alt X. Works only in Microsoft Word.

To use it in Windows (for Word), follow the instructions below

  • Move the cursor to the desired position.
  • Enter 2030 on the keyboard, then press Alt + X.

This converts the numbers into one character per thousand where you place the plug-in pointer.

Below is an explanation of how to use the Per Mille shortcut for Mac :

  • First place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.
  • Now press the option + 0089 together with your Mac keyboard.

This shortcut should add an icon for you on your Mac PC.

In the next section I will show you how to use the alt code of the one per thousand symbol to enter a character on your keyboard.

2. On Thousand Alt code (for Windows)

Symbol for thousand (‰) Alt symbol Code 0137.

Each character in Word has a unique code that you can use to insert a character into your document. This code is known as the Alt code.

Below are the steps to enter this character on your keyboard (using the Alt code shown above):

  • Press the number lock key to activate the numeric keypad. Use the Fn + NumLk keys to activate the numeric lock on laptops without a numeric keypad.
  • Press and hold the Alt key and enter 0137 using the numeric keypad.
  • After entering the Alt code (i.e. 0137), release the [Alt] key.

As soon as you release the Alt key, the Per Mille symbol (‰) should appear in your document.

3. Copy and paste the Per Mille symbol

Use the button below to copy and paste the Per Mille icon for your work.

I prefer to copy and paste.

With this method you just type in a Google icon and copy it from one of the specified search results. After inserting a symbol into a document, you can copy and paste it at any time if necessary.

Use the button above to place this character in the clipboard.

There is another way to copy this character and any other character in Windows. This is due to the use of Windows Character Map.

Follow these steps to copy and paste any character using the drawing board.

  • Find the Character Map application by clicking on the Start button.
  • A character map application is displayed in the search results. Click on it to start.
  • When the Drawing Card window opens, click the Preview check box to expand the window and get more options.
  • In the Advanced View section, tap mil in the search field.
  • The symbol you are looking for (i.e. the Per Mille symbol) now appears on the symbol card. Double-click it to select it. You will see that the icon appears in the Symbols for text copy field. This allows you to select and copy multiple characters at the same time.
  • Once you have selected the character you want to copy, click the Copy button.
  • Go to where you need the symbol, whether in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and press Ctrl + V to insert it.

In this way, you can copy and paste the Per Mille symbol using the Windows symbol card.

4. Using thedialog to insert characters

This approach is not as simple as the quick methods. But it’s very simple.

And once you’ve inserted a symbol into a document, you can copy and paste it into your work whenever you need it.

The following section describes the steps for inserting the character per thousand in Word using the Insert character dialog box.

  • On the Insert tab, press the Symbols button and select More Symbols…..

These few clicks bring up the symbol’s dialog box.

  • Find the symbol you want to insert.

To easily find the Per Mille symbol in the Symbols window, look at the bottom of the dialog box and enter Code: in the symbol’s Code field. The Per Mille symbol you want to insert is selected after entering the code.

  • Click on the Insert button.

It is also possible to insert a symbol into the document by double clicking on a symbol.

For example, you can use the Insert One Character in a Thousand dialog box to insert a character into a word.


As you can see, there are several ways to insert or enter the Per Mille symbol into Word/Excel with or without a keyboard.

I prefer to copy and paste, followed by abbreviations. The Alt-Code method is also simple.

If you have any comments or questions about this Per-Mille brand guide, please send them to me in the Comments section below.

Thank you for reading it.

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