How to Get New Dark Mode on Twitter for iOS right now

Twitter for iOS is now updated with a dark mode that replaces the old night mode. The new dark mode offers two possibilities: dimming and switching off the lighting, giving the user more control. Twitter has also added a new automatic dark mode to the iOS application, a feature already available on Android. The update appears to be a server-side deployment and is currently being ported to the iPhone and iPad. Let’s see how to get the dark mode on Twitter and its features.

It was dark. You wanted it darker! Move your finger to the right to test our new dark mode. We’re free today.

– Twitter (@Twitter) 28. March 2019

How to get the dark mode on Twitter

It is worth noting that the new dark mode is currently only available for iOS devices. To turn off the lights on your iPhone or iPad: 1.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Twitter installed.
  2. Open Twitter and find the light bulb icon in the lower left corner. You can also go to Settings and Privacy > Screen and Sound > Dark Mode.
  3. Forcibly close and reopen the Twitter application if you cannot see the dark mode settings.
  4. To force an output, press and hold the button and drag it up and down to open a menu with the latest applications.
  5. Drag the Twitter application up to close it.
  6. Open Twitter again and activate dark mode.

If this option is not yet enabled, Twitter can still use it in your region.

Dark modes on Twitter

Dim – Twitter has renamed the old night mode to Dim When you adjust the brightness, the colour palette changes to blue and dark grey, which can be used in any environment. It filters mainly blue light and reduces eye fatigue in low light conditions.

Turn off the light – This is a brand new mode that is also compatible with OLED. Switching off the light is a pure black theme that emits no light because it turns off unused pixels. It is much darker than the dim mode, and is better suited for people who prefer a real black theme. It also saves the battery of smartphones such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which are equipped with an OLED display.

Automatic dark mode – if this function is enabled, dark mode is automatically activated in the evening and deactivated in the morning. Interestingly, it works according to the location and time zone of the device.

Blackout mode

Light off mode

How to enable/disable dark mode on Twitter

To manually activate or deactivate dark mode, drag the slider to the right and touch the light icon in the lower left corner. You can also go to Settings and Privacy > Display and Sound. Activate the dark mode setting and select one of two modes – dark or light. You can also activate the automatic setting of the dark mode.

Brief description of the quick access to the darkness switch, dimmer and light switch

There is also a much faster way to enable/disable Dark Mode, go from Dark Mode to Off Mode and activate/deactivate Auto Dark Mode. To do this, slide your finger to the right and press and hold the bulb symbol at the bottom. You will then see a pop-up window with the display mode settings, in which you can quickly make changes.

In the meantime, Android users will be pleased to know that the light off feature will soon be available on Android.

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