How to deal with sweaty hands while gaming?

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Handling sweaty hands can be a big problem for almost any player. We can’t play with sweaty hands because they prevent us from aiming properly, the keys stick to the keyboard and it’s always boring. Moreover, it takes a lot of attention away from the game, resulting in defeats and a lack of teamwork.

So the question is: What causes perspiration of hands and how can this be prevented? Is there anything you can try to avoid? There are certainly ways to implement the results and test them yourself.

Some ways to prevent sweat on your hands when playing

Here are some of the best tracks you can take, and try the one you think is best for you!

1- Buy a special sweat-resistant mouse

There’s no better solution than a sweat-resistant mouse that eliminates almost all your problems. With the Sweaty Hands game mouse, you can play efficiently without hassle or worry.

The real difference between a standard game mouse and a sweaty game mouse is the surface and texture. A game mouse with active palm cooling and special body material allows your hands to move freely without sweating. At the same time, standard mice can cause immediate sweating, making it feel uncomfortable.

For this method you really have to spend a few extra mice, but it almost always works. Then try it!

2- Body temperature control

There are two ways to control body temperature. You can regulate your body temperature by eating healthy food and drinking cool drinks or by lowering the temperature of the room where you play.

A healthy diet means drinking a certain amount of water, as indicated in the water, to keep your body moist. In addition, the use of juices and other alcoholic beverages can balance your body temperature and help reduce sweating.

If a healthy diet does not work, problems with room temperature can occur. You need to buy an air conditioner that controls the temperature of sweaty hands while holding the mouse and room temperature. Air conditioning can also be a good option for your gaming PC, as it can help keep your components quiet and relaxed. In addition, you need to buy a special computer mouse for sweaty hands to solve your problems.

3- Antiperspirant or alcoholic towels

Perspirants are known to control perspiration effectively and efficiently. You can try to use them and see if there are any changes or not. Even if you feel uncomfortable using an anti-perspirant, you should buy alcoholic towels to try your luck.

Alcoholic wet wipes suck all the moisture out of the palms of the hands and help to achieve a non-perspiring feeling. If your mouse is sweaty too, you can try cleaning it with alcohol wipes and then try again. Sometimes the mouse is only responsible for the sweat caused by the moisture it carries.

These methods can also help to get rid of sweaty hands when playing on the PC. So don’t forget to execute them correctly.


These are some of the methods that work for sweaty hands. But the most effective way to get a new gaming mouse is to get one specially designed for sweaty hands. It will be a one-off investment, but it can also be good for a long-term goal. You also have to try different methods.

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