6 emerging technologies in 2021

The technology is constantly evolving. Whether it’s delivering applications that take off because of a global pandemic or video games that incorporate virtual reality (VR), technology has enormous power.

As the year 2020 comes to an end, many are wondering what will happen next year. The following six innovations are areas that will be further developed in 2021.

1. AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not necessarily a new innovation, but has not yet reached its full potential. In 2020 AI began to flourish and will continue to do so until 2021.

The diversity and applicability of artificial intelligence is increasing. From healthcare to business to gadgets, most technologies today are adaptable. For example, hosting centers such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa use artificial intelligence to adapt to residents’ daily routines to better meet all their needs, such as phone calls, emails, product lists and more. From now on, this integration will only increase in all areas of life.

2. 5G communication

In 2020 5G has promised and in 2021 it will be seriously deployed. It was especially with the release of the new iPhone 12 models equipped with 5G technology that the new network finally took off. It promises higher speed than any other network.

At its peak, 4G could reach about 100 megabits per second. However, 5G will theoretically be 100 times faster and reach up to 10 gigabits per second. These speeds enable people to communicate in an innovative way. Texts, calls or Google searches are ready in no time.

3. A mixed reality

Mixed Reality is a general term that includes Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These two areas have been particularly important for gambling in 2020 and will continue to integrate well next year.

In addition, AR and VR will give rise to other applications. In areas such as healthcare, where medical students need visual training, ART can complement the surgical procedure right in front of their eyes.

VR can also do wonders for babies’ learning by immersing them in a world where they can explore and study any subject of their choice.

4. HyperAutomation

Automation is one thing. Hyper-automation is different. In 2021, common tasks and procedures will be computerised. Cars are a good example for the year 2020 – we’re talking about automated and self-propelled vehicles taking off with brands like Tesla with integrated autopilots.

Robots are excellent for business because they automatically perform long processes that otherwise take up human time. Cleaning, security, delivery – these are the areas that will undergo hyper-automated changes in the coming year, and the technology will make it possible to implement each of them effectively.

5. Behaviour on the Internet

Internet behaviour (IoB) is a complex and rapidly evolving technological field. People constantly exhibit a certain form of behavior – that technology then treats them as data. The unit can then send this data to a larger organisation.

The idea developed for 2021 is that IoT can send this data to governments and organisations to help them better understand human behaviour. Health insurance fund clothing can send a person’s statistics to the insurance company, which can then adjust insurance premiums accordingly.

This is an interesting area of technology that will undoubtedly continue to spread and could become a subject of controversy in the coming year.

6. Smart gadgets

Everything’s smart these days… …for a reason. Smart devices make life easier. These gadgets have been around for a while, but in 2021 there will be a new wave. The technology will make things possible that people didn’t know they needed an intelligent version.

Bicycle locks that provide better protection, shoes to keep track of activities, light bulbs that work in daylight and in a domestic environment – these smart innovations show that the world of technology can be revolutionized.

Technology is constantly changing the game.

The technology is capable of both tracking and creating trends. These six examples show how technology takes the world to new places and creates its own path to which everyone can adapt. Each of them has its roots in recent years, but 2021 will give them a new life.

Photographic credits : Mopik/Schalstock

Devin Partida writes about AI, applications and technology on ReHack.com, where she is editor in chief.

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